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Starting March 20, 2024!

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When I designed this book I wanted it to be more than just a book. I wanted this to be an all-in-one experience that would equip and empower men to take action right away. Therefore, when you purchase MANHOOD: Empowered by the Light of the Gospel (a short but powerful book) the workbook is built in, along with a free digital course.

As a recovering pornography addict myself, I am well acquainted with feeling disempowered. In a culmination of my 20+ years of experience discipling men, MANHOOD: Empowered by the Light of the Gospel, reveals the three stages of Empowered Manhood that led me, and countless other men, to rediscover courageous masculinity.

You’ll learn how being Known by God, Grown by God, and Owned by God provides contentment to accept any circumstance in life, clarity to embrace your transcendent purpose, and freedom to live courageously once again. Whether you are struggling with addiction, infidelity, or a crisis of purpose or identity, this book is accessible, readable, and highly actionable.

Mike Hatch



Designed to be a free resource that accompanies the book, the Empowered Manhood digital course will help you process the material and provide resources for the reader to take action right away. Mike walks you through the book, chapter-by-chapter, offering additional thoughts and content.

In addition, Mike recommends trusted resources that will help men address issues like pornography, alcohol, recovery from an abortion, and much more. Visit to enroll in the course and get started!


                                 "Mike understands the 

                                 deep insecurity many

                                 men experience but

                                 desperately work to

                                 conceal. Through his

                                 own story and years

                                 serving men of all ages, Mike will help you recognize insecurity as a symptom of your disempowerment. You are not who you could be, and deep down you know it. Through scripture, encouragement, and transparency, Mike will lead you to a better empowered form of manhood. And, right now, the world needs men empowered by God, empowered to serve, sacrifice, and submit to Him."

-CHASE REPLOGLE, Author of The 5 Masculine Instincts; Senior Pastor, Bent Oak Church, Springfield, MO

                                       "I am hard-pressed to

                                       name any men's book with

                                       more searing honesty,

                                       courage, and truth, the

                                       truth that will set you free,

                                       than my friend Mike

                                       Hatch's "Manhood:

                                       Empowered by the Light of the Gospel." Mike offers a realistic and powerful path to freedom on the masculine journey. In my 10 years in men's ministry, I have found that men are uncomfortable admitting the obvious, that they can't meet all their own needs, that they are not self-sufficient.


Like the angel finding Gideon cowering in the winepress, Mike names the inadequate mess of masculinity a mighty warrior and calls forth the redeemed man of God within us. He invites us to leave the shadowy darkness and walk forth into Christ's glorious light.


Each chapter includes vivid stories and concludes with a helpful review and penetrating questions suitable for a small group men's study. Small groups will find the book an invaluable tool to encourage transparency and authenticity as we seek to walk in the light."

-BOB JAMISON, Author of Steel Faithful; President and Founder, Adam’s Quest Men’s Ministry, Pittsburgh, PA

                             "As a ministry brother, I’ve                               had a behind-the-scenes                               look at Mike’s life and   

                             share in his passion to

                             empower men with the

                             Gospel. With vulnerability

                             and 20+ years of pastoral experience, he wrote this book to help guys like you and me stop hiding in the darkness of past mistakes by stepping into the light of God’s grace. I’ll be sharing this one with my guys!"

-KENT CHEVALIER, Athletes in Action: Pittsburgh Steelers Chaplain, Pittsburgh, PA

                              “Most men are isolated,


                               independent, macho and

                               living in the darkness.

                               Mike Hatch gives a

                               biblical foundation and

                               argument for living

radically and powerfully in the light. Mike’s life proves it works!”

-DR HAL HADDEN, Author of "Love Jesus," Founder of Christian Leadership Concepts

                                “I was struck by the

                                authenticity of the

                                message and the

                                messenger. This is a

                                resource that highlights

                                the strength of

                                character every man desires, a depth of manhood grounded in honesty, self-awareness, and God-ordained servanthood.”

-DR CRAIG FRY, President of CLC, Nashville, TN

                               “This book is for every

                               man…young or old! Mike

                               deliberately takes you on

                               a journey using his life

                               and the lives of men in

                               the Bible to uncover

                               genuine manhood: To be known by God, grown by God, owned by God, and empowered by God. He exposes the starvation we endure without the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit. His transparency inspires you and his passion compels you to go ALL-IN with the God who created you.”

-J.S. SHELTON, Author of UNMUZZLED: Escaping Sexual Sin, Satan’s Grip on Men

                                "Mike promises a book that is                                    'practical and actionable,'

                                 and he delivers by: Keeping

                                 things simple, directing you to

                                 relevant Bible passages  in

                                 context, using real-world

                                 examples from his own life

                                 and other men, summarizing his main points at the end of each chapter, asking challenging questions that will force you to apply the book’s precepts to your own life, and directing you to additional resources that will help you in your journey to empowered manhood.


Most importantly, Mike gets real while remaining encouraging throughout. He’s like your trusted advisor, having that conversation with you that you’ve been dreading but that you know you need to have. At the end, your future’s going to be a lot brighter, because you’ll be heading into the light."

-CHRIS BOLINGER, best-selling author of 52 Weeks of Strength and Daily Strength for Men

                                  "Mike asks the questions,

                                   'Are tired of hiding? Are you

                                   worn out from carrying the

                                   burden of shame and guilt?

                                   Is the dissonance between

                                   who you really are and who

                                   people think you are tearing

                                   you apart?' I believe that we all deal with those issues at some point in life.


Mike does a great job sharing his journey to empowerment and wholeness in a raw and compelling manner. His words will encourage you to refuse to remain in the darkness and challenge you to step into the light."

-CHRIS BUDA, Attorney, Pastor and Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Experiment

                                “Mike Hatch takes men

                                 on an empowering

                                 journey by sharing his

                                 journey, insights from

                                 scripture, winsome

                                 stories and a simple

                                 rubric for understanding how to root one’s identity in Jesus Christ.”

-DR KURT BJORKLUND, Author of Prayers for Today; Senior Pastor, Orchard Hill Church, Wexford, Pennsylvania


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As a recovering pornography addict with twenty years of experience discipling men, Mike Hatch is all too familiar with the struggles men face. Since discovering empowered manhood himself, Mike’s life mission has been to humbly walk in the light, as Jesus is in the light, in order to be a light for the glory of God (1 John 1:7).

A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Mike started his ministry career in Young Life before becoming the men’s pastor at a large church in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently he hosts CLC's Empowered Manhood Podcast and serves Christian small business owners as a Chapter President for Truth At Work in Pittsburgh.

Mike lives in Pittsburgh with his beautiful bride and beloved son.



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